Lasyakala dance vision  is the premium  institution for Odissi  dance. It is working  for the  development  of Indian classical dance in the rural  and tribal district  of odisha. So many young  and promising student  could  able to take classical  dance as career and valued their talent through  the awareness  of Lasyakala.

Lasyakala  had opened  its branches in the major  cities  of odisha  and India.  Now it has gone abroad  and it has opened  its own branches in Budapest, Montpellier, New Port London. The performing  unit of Lasyakala  has 240 dancer in the team and widely  they are performing  each corner of the world.

Lasyakala organise  it’s annual  day celebration prathama every year also last 10 years it has been organising  Aekalavya Samman in Odisha and different  part of India and abroad, season 9 Aekalavya was in Malaysia with NSCB Indian cultural Center , 10th edition was  in Dubai with OSUAE and The Consulate General of India.  The young and established promising  dancer  gets Aekalavya award  year.

Lasyakala  annual  workshop  Kallol, the sound of excitement give chance to the underprivileged and below  poverty  line children to grow in their  life..

Lasyakala  is not only an organization it is a placement  society for art and artist..